Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes as we know it today have evolved from crumbs thrown at the Bride and Groom (much like confetti) by the ancinet Greeks and Romans, to the now very popular tiered wedding cake which is enduring symbol of prosperity for the Bride and Groom.

The Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes can symbolise you as a couple,  expressing  yourselves whether it be hobbies, personalities, designs. Your cake can be designed to fit within the theme that you have chosen for your wedding by using colours and certain elements. A comprehensive list of flavours is available to choose from, and you can have a different flavour for each tier.  It is recommended that you book your Wedding cake at least 6-12 months in advance as space is limited. November – March is Peak Wedding Season and dates are often booked out months in advance.  A retainer is required to book a book a date as they will not be held on enquiry alone.

Choosing your cake

It is important that you have the cake you desire. We recommend that an initial consultation is set up so that Sarah can discuss your requirements with you. At this meeting come fully prepared with any relevant images and a good idea of the style and design you like so that you can maximise your consultation time .This consultation is free, however any further consultations will be charged at $25 per hour.

The following points are something you may wish to consider when choosing your cake:

  • How is the cake to be served?
  • As a dessert or part of a dessert buffet you will need more cake to ensure there is enough for each guest than if you were to be serving it with coffee.
  • The size is also dependent on the number of guests you have attending.
  • What shape would you like the cakes?
  • The availability of fresh flowers and fresh fruit will determine the price as these are seasonal.
  • Do you wish to keep the top tier for the first born child or anniversary?
  • If you have a theme for your wedding and wish to continue that to your cake please bring samples of colours, designs and toppers and your cake can be designed accordingly.
Delivery within the Tauranga District can be made at a cost of $35. Delivery to other regions will be by prior arrangement only.

Pricing Guideline

With that in mind it is also important that you are realistic when keeping in mind a budget, remembering that all elements of your cake require time to create and sometimes the use of specialist equipment is required.   A more detailed, intricate design, or wedding cakes with a lot of decoration, will be more expensive than something with a simple design.  Sometimes it is easier to divide the price of the cake by the number of guests you will be having to decide whether the budget you set is right for you.

The following is a guide line only. All flavours cost the same.

  • Our basic 2 tier round wedding cakes, sizes of 8″ and 6″, starts from $275
  • Our basic 3 tier round wedding cakes, sizes of 10″, 8″ and 6″ starts from $475

Basic means that it is iced with white icing , edged with satin ribbon and on an iced board. For more information on pricing please contact us.

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